The young genius is a trained musician from the music college before to be a producer and DJ. He first started to learn music from the age of 6. He skillfully plays percussions, guitar, sings, and has 10 years experience performing as a percussionist of traditional folk orchestra, and jazz ensemble.

Yujin started producing electronic music with samplers and computers in 2006. Some of his productions were released on main labels as Sony and MGM. Ignoring the music genres limitations, the prolific artist has composed over hundreds of tracks. His creations covers deep house, hip hop, electro, breakbeat, world music, jazz.

He also composed jingles and soundtracks for TV shows and TV commercials.

As a DJ, Yujin had four years experience mixing for bars, clubs, hotels,
weddings and all kind of private event, including fashion show (Elite
Model Look 2015) and backing DJ for live hip hop band. Creating tracks
while jamming with his music production keyboard during his sets, he
truly is an exceptional musician with a unique concept.