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According to ancient legends, Pocalipse first came to earth on a piano. As his fate was sealed from the very first day, he came with a natural talent for music. The young Nicolas started piano, guitar and singing, from the early age of six!
He is now particularly famous in town for his exhilarating performances with the cabaret-rock band “La Belle et la Bete”.
The musical pirate has also contributed in various projects such as
Bonalipsio (latin swing), The Lolas Zolas (chanson-gypsy), Traffic Jam
(Funk-rock 70’), and The Khong Ve Orchestra (vietnamese neo-folk).
Pocalipse’s solo shows are as eclectic as his musical background; a
journey through rock, blues, folk, chanson, world, sea chanties, and
always with this zest of humor and fantasy that gives every gig a
theatrical twist.