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François Corlou AKA Bodhi Nam Nam first grew his roots in classical music, starting at the age of 5, by playing piano at Hanoi conservatory.

After 10 years there and scoring his conservatory diploma, he joined a jazz band for 2 years as a pianist.

Having a natural instinct for improvisation, he also started to compose small piano sheets.


At 18 he moves to Montreux (Switzerland) for a bachelor's degree at GIHE (Glion Institute of Higher Education) with an event management major.

While living in Montreux he’s spending most weekends and holidays in Amsterdam, discovers festivals, techno, house and underground electronic music. 

From here he grows his passion for music, Djing and production, and decided to get his first DJ set up.


During those 3 swiss years, Bodhi Nam Nam involves in Montreux Jazz festival where he discovers many artists and new talents.

He also works at Holi Montreux festival in 2015 and 2017:

-in 2015 as risk and safety manager, and also help with design, decoration, logistic…

-in 2017 as as marketing and communication manager, and also perform as DJ in front of 1000 people!


Motivated by his audience feedback, he decided to fully commit into a musical career. 

He eventually performs in Montreux at most trendy venues and top outdoor events (rooftop bar, BBQs, networking parties and all kind of private celebrations).


After getting his event management bachelor's degree at GIHE, he finally joins Pioneer pro DJ school in Amsterdam (production and DJ program) with top DJs and producers as teachers and mentors.

Back in Hanoi, Vietnam, Bodhi Nam Nam joins the teams of Sofitel Metropole as event coordinator, and gain exposure with a few DJ residencies in various bars.